Mini Cat Nip Pillow - Witch

Mini Cat Nip Pillow - Witch

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In an effort to reduce waste, back patches that were not 100% crisp prints get repurposed as cat nip toys! Part of the print may have a slight flaw, but for the most part, the flaws have been cut out. Print on one side, black on the other. 


This listing is for ONE Mini Cat Nip Pillow! Completely handmade by the artist from start to finish. Cotton fabric with shimmery, silver ink. Stuffed with recycled fabric and a generous amount of cat nip. 

6 x 5 inches. 

PLEASE NOTE: These cannot ship to Australia and New Zealand because of their strict import laws of plant materials. Other countries may also have laws but it varies from country to country, so PLEASE check your country's import laws before you buy. It is the customer's responsibility and risk. 

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