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Feminism Means Equality - Back Patch

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The imagery is printed in non-toxic, eco-friendly white ink on black cotton fabric.
Sew on patch
Image is approximately 11.5 x 12.5 inches with about an inch of fabric surrounding it. 

The dictionary definition of feminism is "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men." Feminism literally just means equality. It is not about man-hating or wanting a matriarchy, etc. Unfortunately a lot of our generation doesn't know the true definition even though feminism has been entering our mainstream culture recently. It's really important we all know this so we can move forward and stop putting feminism down and believing in the bad stereotypes.

*50% of the profits from each patch sold on this website and on Cat Coven's etsy page will be donated to the Anti Violence Project. AVP is a NYC based organization that helps "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected communities and allies to end all forms of violence through organizing and education, and supports survivors through counseling and advocacy."
Learn more about them on their website! --->

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