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Cat Coven Pillow - White

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Cats are drawn to mystical energies and in some cultures are believed to be the guardians of the Other World, or the Underworld. The Pentagram is an ancient symbol, sometimes associated with darkness although it is not. The top point represents the spirit, the other four are elements: water earth, air and fire. It is a symbol of unity with the universe.

This pillow is completely handmade! The imagery was hand printed and then hand sewn and stuffed.

The imagery is printed in white non-toxic, eco friendly ink on black cotton fabric. The stuffing is eco-friendly, recycled fiber fill.

Please note that all items in this shop are hand-printed therefore ink opacity may vary from print to print

This pillow is decorative, not meant to be slept on every night in order to keep the imagery fresh!

Spot clean only

Approximately 14 by 16 inches

Please allow 1-2 weeks for items to be made, in case it is not in stock. If you need the item very soon please send me a message.

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