Magickal Protection - Slouchy T-shirt

Magickal Protection - Slouchy T-shirt

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Show Your Love For Your Black Cat Familiar - Handmade In Brooklyn, New York

If you have a black cat familiar or just love cats, you'll love wearing this shirt! This super soft slouchy t-shirt features several pieces of sacred imagery. The Pentacle Cat Cat Coven™ logo is front and center. Cats have long been associated with mystical energies. In some cultures they are believed to be the guardians of the Other World, or the Underworld. The Pentagram is an ancient symbol, often mistaken as a symbol of negative energy. Quite the opposite is true. The top point represents the spirit, the other four are elements: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. It is a symbol of unity with the universe. Crystals and lunar phases are used in healing rituals and are a source of power.

The imagery is hand printed in white non-toxic, eco friendly ink. The fabric is 65% poly and 35% viscose. The shirt features a scoop neck and is on the looser side. It is recommended that you hand wash to maintain the quality of the print. Please see the tag of the shirt for full care instructions. Ink opacity may vary from print to print due to each shirt being hand printed.

For sizing, reference the photos of people wearing the garment. Please note these run very big as they are meant to be flowy. Model is wearing a small.


Cat Coven™ is a queer owned business based in Brooklyn, New York. This design is solely owned by Cat Coven™ and artist Kjersti Faret. All designs are for exclusive use on Cat Coven™ products. Support your local art community by buying art directly through this website or through approved Cat Coven™ vendors. Please avoid purchasing unlicensed products or from unapproved vendors. For a list of approved vendors of Cat Coven™, please click here.

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