Everyday Fantasy: The Clothing Collection

✷ Campaign runs from Sept 1 - Oct 1 

The campaign ended, but you can view it here. Some of the collection will be landing here in late June 2023!

Introducing the Everyday Fantasy Collection! Inspired by my love of art history and fantasy worlds. Every autumn I dress up to go to the Renaissance Faire. Corsets, skirts, flowy pirate shirts and fantastical accessories: these are my favorite outfit pieces that I have. I wish I could wear them every day but they’re impractical for modern life. Plus, a lot of them don’t have important elements like pockets. So I decided to create my own “Ren Faire Casual” line. Each piece can be dressed up to create a fancy costume look or can be worn as is for daily life.

Everyday Fantasy Collecion in gothic letters. Shows the back of a dress with lacing.