Support Your Favorite Harrisburg Artist, Kjersti Faret Through Patreon

We all know that supporting the arts and your local creatives is extremely important. Now it's also never been easier with Patreon!

What is Patreon? 

Patreon is a monthly subscription to support your favorite creators! Cat Coven™'s Head-Witch-In-Charge, Kjersti Faret, has just started one.

The best part? You can sign up for as little as $2 a month! 

Get access to an exclusive Patreon feed just for fans of Cat Coven™! There are multiple tiers, each with different rewards. Receive first looks at new Cat Coven™ designs, Kjersti's personal artwork, a studio tour, and so much more! The higher the tier, the more access you have to monthly rewards like a downloadable coloring page, discount codes to Cat Coven™, and more!

Ready to sign up? Click here for the Patreon Page!

Cat Coven™ is a woman owned business based in Harrisburg, PA. This design is solely owned by Cat Coven™ and artist Kjersti Faret. All designs are for exclusive use on Cat Coven™ products. Support your local art community by buying art directly through this website or through approved Cat Coven™ vendors. Please avoid purchasing unlicensed products or from unapproved vendors. For a list of approved vendors of Cat Coven™, please click here.


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