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Curious Wanderer - Back Patch

  • 1200

The imagery is printed in white non-toxic, eco-friendly ink on black cotton fabric
Washable, sew on patch
The image is about 16.5 inches long and the widest part is 5.5 inches. Fabric border may vary and is about 0.5 - 1 inches. 

Please note that all items in this shop are hand-printed therefore ink opacity may vary and the final product may differ very slightly from the photo

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I have expanded upon the original medallion design to incorporate a sigil that channels my favorite attributes of goats. I find them incredibly playful, intelligent and wonderfully curious. My own method of sigil making is not the usual chaos magick tradition but a more personal method. When I am in the deepest bouts of anxiety or self doubt I need a visible, physical reminder to pull me out. So this design is to honor one's playful side and a reminder to be curious, be steadfast and have a hunger for life like the goat. 

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