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Cat Coven

Flying Witches - Special Hanging Decor

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A unique piece of decor, perfect for Halloween or your daily life if you live the #halloweeneveryday lifestyle. These pieces were created for a window display back in 2017. Now it could be yours! Only 2 of this style are available.

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The imagery was screen-printed by hand by the artist. It's a shimmery pale gold ink. The disc is black foam core which has been cut into a circle by hand. A hole has been punctured on top and some fishing line is what connects it to the ceiling or a hook. As it hangs, the disc turns around a bit so you can glimpses of both sides! You can replace the fishing line if needed. (The few available all have different lengths of line.)

11 inches in diameter.

These pieces are not 100% perfect. There may be scratches or a mark (see the last photo for example). And yet the price is higher than my usual offerings because it is a limited edition creation and was printed by hand.

It will be packaged securely for the mail in a plastic sleeve and multiple layers of card board to keep it flat and safe! Please do not place an order with mugs or any other large, bulky items. You will be asked to pay extra shipping so they can be shipped separately if you do so!