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Demon I Talisman

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A unique pouch to hang around your neck on a sterling silver chain. Inside you can keep tiny treasures such as herbs for spell work, your familiar's whiskers, crystals or anything else you desire. The inside lining for this one is a deep, majestic red. On the front, a demon flies through the sky while protecting your keepsakes. Beaded details have been added by hand. The front flap stays closed with a braided loop over a shimmery, silver button.  

Hand sewn. Imagery has been hand printed in silver ink on vegan leather. 

Only spot clean if absolutely necessary. 

Widest point of the triangle is about 3.5 inches. 

Comes with a 24 inch sterling silver chain. 

This talisman is one-of-a-kind! Even if I create more talismans with the same screenprinted imagery, the lining and beadwork will be different. Treat it gently like any other jewelry or precious art you have. It is sturdy enough, but please be delicate. 

*US ORDERS: It is highly recommended you choose priority shipping! If you do not choose it at check out I will email you about upgrading.* 

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