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Cat Coven

Grumpy Witch - Original Papercut Painting

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This is a mixed media piece, which means it was made with multiple archival mediums, including gouache, ink, cut paper and glue. The gold paint is metallic and therefore shimmers in the light (this feature will not be in the printed reproductions, so the original is extra special). It is 8 x 10 inches with no blank border around it. The paper is high quality and archival, but I like to recycle paper from old projects, so you will notice the back has an old screen print on it (not pictured). Please note colors may be slightly different from your screen than in real life.

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PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing an original work does not grant you the rights to it. You may only use it in your personal collection, and not in any commercial situations (including reproductions of it). Thank you.