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Magickal Protection - Handmade Banner

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☆ LIMITED EDITION ☆ Series of 4

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The imagery was hand printed in silver ink on black cotton fabric

Sewn on a machine and by hand. Backed with felt for sturdiness. Felt colors vary from gray, black or glitter black. The back is signed and numbered

A wooden dowel rod is inside the top of the banner. The hanging string on top is acrylic yarn

Spot clean only. Indoor use only
12 x 15 inches

A quartz crystal has been sewn onto the tip of the banner. Size and shape of crystal may vary. Quartz is a great stone to utilize while meditating as it clears the mind, which aids in reaching higher realms within yourself. 

*SHIPPING SUGGESTION: If you are in the US please consider choosing the priority mail option. It is only a few dollars more and comes with some insurance and quicker delivery. 

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Cats are drawn to mystical energies and in some cultures are believed to be the guardians of the Other World, or the Underworld. The Pentagram is an ancient symbol, sometimes associated with darkness although it is not. The top point represents the spirit, the other four are elements: water, earth, air and fire. It is a symbol of unity with the universe. Crystals and lunar phases are used in healing rituals and are a source of power.

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