Mystery Flawed Patch Pack!

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You will receive ONE Mystery Pack including the following flawed items:

  • 1 large screen-printed patch and 4 small screen-printed patches


  • 1 large screen-printed patch, 1 embroidered patch and 3 small screen-printed patches

Please note: You may get different ones than the ones seen in the photos!!!! It's supposed to be a surprise!!!

Some are in-stock patches and some are old and out of print! Flaws range from a slightly blurry print, inconsistent ink opacity, not a lot of extra fabric around the image or black lines in the design because a thread got in the way of printing, etc (see second and third photo for examples).  

✷ 1 large patch and 4 small patches normally costs $32 all together, so the price has been discounted by 50%!

✷ If you need some tips for sewing on your patches, check out the story highlight "Sew Patches" on instagram @cat_coven :-)

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