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Cat Coven

Mystery Gift Tubes!

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This listing is for ONE Mystery Gift Tube!

Each tube contains *at least* $36 worth of goodies! This is an opportunity to get items currently in stock in the shop at a discount. There are no new items in this. The mystery is that you do not know which items you will receive:

This could mean 3 patches, 1 pin, 2 stickers. Or 5 patches, 1 sticker. Or 1 print, 2 patches. You get it. Either way, you're getting about $16 OFF!

But mysteries are scary! Go in blind or choose your theme:

  • Witchy
  • Medieval
  • Queer 
  • Cats
  • FULL SURPRISE! (No theme)

(If the theme you want is SOLD OUT, you may pick a different one and email ASAP to change it)