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SALE // Magickal Protection - Fitted Muscle Tank Top

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*Originally $30 now $22!*

Hover over the image with your mouse to zoom in. 

The classic Cat Coven original design is on tank tops again! Drawn by me, Kjersti Faret, the owner of Cat Coven. Only available here and certified retailers. Beware of bad copies as they are prevalent on the internet. 

The imagery is printed in white non-toxic, eco friendly ink. Please note that all items in this shop are hand-printed therefore ink opacity may vary from print to print

65% poly/35% viscose. Bella & Canvas women's flowy scoop muscle tank. Black fabric.

Model is 5'8'' and wearing a medium. 

Sizing chart under "Info" -> "Sizing Charts"-> "Fitted Muscle Tank Tops." This style is good for those with breasts as there is no gaping hole in the armpit like a classic muscle tank. They are fitted and therefore feel slightly smaller than the standard crew neck t-shirt, but this is on purpose as they are fitted unlike standard tees. So if you really prefer your tanks a bit looser, consider a size up. 

Washable (hand wash is recommended to keep the print extra fresh but is completely fine being washed in machine. See tag for details.)

✷ Cat Coven is the original home of this design! You may see other versions of it around the internet, but it was drawn by me, Kjersti Faret, exclusively for Cat Coven products. Please support the artist by only buying products of this design from Cat Coven directly, or my selected retailers. You can check "Info -> "Stockists" page to see which retailers get products from me. Thank you! ✷


Cats are drawn to mystical energies and in some cultures are believed to be the guardians of the Other World, or the Underworld. The Pentagram is an ancient symbol, sometimes associated with darkness although it is not. The top point represents the spirit, the other four are elements: water earth, air and fire. It is a symbol of unity with the universe. Crystals and lunar phases are used in healing rituals and are a source of power.

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