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Priestess of Freyja - Fine Art Print

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8 x 10 inches

Printed with archival ink on high quality watercolor paper. 
Ink shades may vary slightly from the image on screen.
Signed by the artist on the back

* Hover over the image to zoom in! * 

It will be shipped safely in a flat mailer with a cardboard insert to insure sturdiness and a plastic sleeve to also protect it.

Ink shades may vary slightly from the image on screen, as each is hand printed and unique. 

✷ Prints can NOT be shipped with mugs or any other large or bulky items. PLEASE make a separate order if you're ordering both. If you do not do so, you will be asked to pay extra shipping.


This illustration is an ode to the Norse goddess, Freyja. Each corner contains an animal and plant that is sacred and symbolic to her. The cats and cowslip flowers are for beauty and love. The falcon and linden tree are for her knowledge of seiðr. The horses and strawberries are for fertility. Lastly, the boars and daisies for her warrior spirit. In the middle is a priestess of Freyja with a Norwegian forest cat’s head, as cats are Freyja’s main animal. Her breasts are exposed, as she embraces sexuality and yet the intricate black lace skirt, almost reminiscent of mourning attire, adorns her lower half for she is also the goddess of death. Fehu, the rune of the top, is closely associated with her as it represents fertility and wealth. On the bottom is Cen symbolizing heat, specifically sexual and magickal heat. To know Freyja is to honor these aspects of life.