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Cat Coven

Rebirth - Fine Art Print

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This piece is from a series titled the "Enchanted Armor Collection." It was available on t-shirts and hand printed in silver ink on black fabric. The idea behind the collection was to create armor inspired imagery to show different forms of strength. The shape is that of a medieval gorget (armor around the throat). This illustration is sort of a meditation on "memento mori" (Remember you will die). The ouroboros and other motifs all symbolize the cycle of renewal. Birth, death and rebirth. By embracing this simple truth can we lead more meaningful lives. 

* Hover over the image to zoom in! * 

Print is 9 by 9 inches. There is a subtle parchment texture over the drawing to lend and old world feel. 

Printed with archival ink on high quality watercolor paper. 
Ink shades may vary slightly from the image on screen.
Signed by the artist on the back. 

 It will be shipped safely in a plastic sleeve with cardboard insert in a flat mailer. 

PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally I have some in stock, but consider it made-to-order and may take 2-3 weeks before shipping to you.

* Prints can NOT be shipped with mugs or other bulky items. Please place a separate order for those, or you will be asked to pay the extra shipping.