Vulnerability - Altar/Tarot Cloth I

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One-of-a-kind altar/tarot cloth. Sewn on a vintage Singer machine and then the web-like lace was applied by hand. Imagery has been hand printed in silver ink on black vegan leather. Reverse side is like a glittery night sky. 

IRONING: You may iron it on a low setting. Put a piece of natural fabric (like cotton or linen) in between the altar cloth and the iron. Move the iron quickly over the fabric - do not let the iron linger over one spot too long or it can be damaged. 

Only spot clean if absolutely necessary. 

Size: 16 x 18 inches

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Vulnerability is seen as weakness. Here, I explore the inherent strength of the seemingly fragile spider web. Humans easily destroy a web with a brush of their hand, but insects are trapped in their sticky threads. The spider itself is considered a fearsome predator, but it creates delicate and deadly webs. This specific design took its main inspiration from antique lace. The same dainty florals and swirls that decorate armor appear in lace patterns. What makes us weak can also make us strong. There is power is staying guarded, but there is also power in removing armor.

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