We All Have Our Hobbies - Small Patch

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This illustration is a reimagining of motifs from antique wax seals and coins from the mid to late 1800's. Witches became associated with "hobbies" is because "to ride one's hobby-horse" (think child riding on those sticks with the horse head) mimicked a witch riding her broom. "To ride one's hobby-horse" is an old phrase that means to follow a favorite past time, which evolved into our modern use of the word "hobby."

Shimmery silver ink on black cotton fabric. Hand printed in NYC. 

Sew on patch 

Hover over the image to zoom in 

Image is 5 x 6 inches with a fabric border of about 1 inch (This may vary slightly since these are cut by hand).

✷ If you need some tips for sewing on your patches, check out the story highlight "Sew Patches" on instagram @cat_coven :-)

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