Cat Coven began as an experiment with screen printing and slowly evolved into the brand it is today (and keeps evolving!). While the artist, Kjersti Faret, doesn’t make all the products herself now, she still designs them and carefully chooses the production partners. Kjersti has always been motivated by the wonder of turning an intangible concept into a physical item. Her hope for this brand is to keep exploring different types of objects and materials and offer them in the way that creates the least harm in our world.

Cat Coven is constantly finding better ways to give back and be sustainably minded. We try our best to make all the packaging eco-friendly (or eliminate packaging if possible, for instance the patches don’t come on backing cards. But the pins do and those are printed on recyclable kraft paper). 


Please support Cat Coven by purchasing directly through this website or through approved Cat Coven retailers. New stockists are being added all the time, so the list may not be exactly up-to-date, but you can find the majority of them here.

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