Pins & Charms

Enamel Pins And Charms For The Cemetery Lover In Your Life

Show off your love for the macabre with Cat Coven’s™ enamel pins and charms for witches and black cat familiars alike. If you are looking to add a little memento mori to your outfit of the day, you have come to the right place! All artwork is designed by me, Brooklyn artist Kjersti Faret. Themes include the occult, witchcraft, and everything in between for the cemetery lover in you.

Cat Coven’s™ charms can be worn on a variety of items, from chokers to your cat’s collar. Easily fasten the enamel pins to t-shirts, jean jackets, backpacks, hats, fanny packs, and more. All of Cat Coven’s™ pins are made from high-quality enamel.

Cat Coven™ is a queer owned business based in Harrisburg, PA. This design is solely owned by Cat Coven™ and artist Kjersti Faret. All designs are for exclusive use on Cat Coven™ products. Support your local art community by buying art directly through this website or through approved Cat Coven™ vendors. Please avoid purchasing unlicensed products or from unapproved vendors. For a list of approved vendors of Cat Coven™, please click here.