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Cat Coven

Tattoo Permission

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Hi! This is Kjersti Faret, the artist behind all the illustrations of Cat Coven. If you would like to get my artwork tattooed, first of all, wow, thank you! What an honor to have my art on someone's body forever. You do not need to email me to ask for permission. I give it to you once you have supported me by purchasing the listing here. Choose whatever amount you feel you can give from the options. Thank you so much!

Please credit @cat_coven on instagram (or "Kjersti Faret", if no tag and on a different platform.) Feel free to send photos as well to

✷ You will not receive any files or physical items. Nothing will be shipped to you. 

You are only being given permission to get a tattoo of existing artwork, once, on your body. You are not acquiring any rights to the images or use for anything else beyond this one-time personal use. 

No refunds/exchanges.