Misprints & Limited

Witchy T-Shirts Hand Printed In Harrisburg, PA

Looking for unique witchy t-shirts? Cat Coven™ has a limited supply of inventory at discounted prices! These witchy t-shirts truly are one-of-a-kind. Each is here due to slight misprints and cannot be sold at full price, or is a sample from a collection that never went into full production. There are very few available, so get them while they last!

The imagery is hand printed in non-toxic, eco friendly ink. It is recommended that you hand wash your shirt to preserve the ink. You can also turn it inside out for machine washing with best results.

To help you get an idea of your size, you can find the sizing chart here.

Cat Coven™ is a queer owned business based in Harrisburg, PA. This design is solely owned by Cat Coven™ and artist Kjersti Faret. All designs are for exclusive use on Cat Coven™ products. Support your local art community by buying art directly through this website or through approved Cat Coven™ vendors. Please avoid purchasing unlicensed products or from unapproved vendors. For a list of approved vendors of Cat Coven™, please click here.

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